5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use AI to Write Online Content (Yet)

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Have you seen what ChatGPT can do? If you keep up with tech news and you got past the latest on what Elon’s doing at Twitter, you know artificial intelligence has made huge strides, and you might be asking if you could turn some of your online content creation over to a bot. 

Will you get good results if you do? Can you just let AI write your blog articles, social media posts, email marketing and everything else?

What Can AI Do When it Comes to Online Content Creation?

If you’ve played with content generators like Open AI’s ChatGPT you probably had some jaw-dropping moments. I had an article to write for a local B&B that puts out a monthly post about area events. I pasted in a list of events and told the bot to write me an article with 1,000 words. What it churned out wasn’t half bad.

Next, I typed in, “Write ten blog article titles about search engine optimization” and the bot cranked out a list.

Pretty cool right?

If I used that list, I would probably tweak things because I feel like I’ve seen those articles already on the net. But it’s helpful for getting my creative juices flowing.

Next, I thought I would see what it can do with online content for social media. I’ve been working with a local staffing agency for several years now, so sometimes I feel like I’ve used up all the common topics. I asked the bot to generate social media captions, and here’s what I got:

I’ll definitely use those, and it’s great that hashtags are included.

What About Tools Like Simpified, Rytr and Jasper?

I really wanted to like one of these tools, I did. It would make my life so much easier if I could put in a few keywords and get good stuff. I was hopeful I could find one I liked and pick it up on a Black Friday deal. However, none of them delivered material I would feel good about using.

The language is still just slightly off. It doesn’t feel natural, and to me that’s a red flag. At best it’s off-putting. Instead of building trust and establishing expertise, it makes people wary.

Also, when I tried each of the three listed above, none of them provided a good all-in-one solution. I’d like to see solid keyword research, idea generation and actual composition all in one place but if that tool exists, I haven’t run across it yet.

If you have to put a lot of thought into it, use multiple tools and what you get still isn’t that great, you’re not getting ahead.

Why You Shouldn’t Use AI Exclusively

The technology has improved a LOT, but it’s not a good idea to auto-generate large chunks of online content. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly prevalent, with many companies using it to create and curate content for their websites and social media platforms. While AI can be a useful tool for generating written material, there are several significant problems that bloggers, website owners and marketers need to consider when using it for online content creation.

Lack of Human Touch

One of the biggest problems with using AI to create online content is that it lacks the human touch that is often necessary to truly connect with readers and engage them. This can lead to content that feels robotic and impersonal, which can turn off readers and make them less likely to engage with the content or return to the website in the future. Some forms of AI allow you to make tweaks (for example, Jasper’s AI lets you choose to write in a style that makes readers feel like they’re hearing from Hulk Hogan or Neil Patel) but it’s just not all the way there yet.

Inaccurate or Misleading Content

Another problem with using AI to create content is that it is not always accurate or reliable. This can be especially problematic when it comes to news and information, as readers rely on internet sources to be accurate and up-to-date. If the content generated by AI is not thoroughly fact-checked or is based on outdated or incomplete data, it can be misleading and potentially harmful to readers. That’s one reason Google says it will deprioritize AI-created online content – a machine hasn’t actually experienced anything, it just pulls from what’s already been written.

Lack of Creativity

While individuals can certainly use AI to generate a large volume of content quickly, bots can struggle to come up with creative or original ideas. This can lead to repetitive or uninspired content that fails to engage or interest readers. If you look at the titles above, they’re fine ideas, but all those topics have been covered online ad nauseam.

Ethical Concerns

There are also ethical concerns to consider when using AI to create content. For example, if reporters use AI to generate news articles or other types of content that are meant to be objective and unbiased, there is a risk that it could be biased toward certain viewpoints or agendas. Additionally, if writers use AI to generate content that is meant to be persuasive or influential, there is a risk that it could be used to manipulate or deceive readers.

Legal Implications

Finally, there are legal implications to consider when using AI to create content. For example, if people use AI to generate content that is copyrighted or protected by intellectual property laws, they could end up with legal disputes and costly lawsuits. Additionally, if businesses use AI to generate content that is defamatory or slanderous, it could lead to legal liability for the company or individual using the AI.

In conclusion, while AI can undoubtedly be a useful tool for generating online content, it is important to carefully consider the potential problems and limitations that it presents. For now, use it to generate ideas and write drafts, then take what it gives you and make it your own.

By being aware of AI’s limitations, companies and individuals can use online content creation bots more responsibly and effectively to create engaging and valuable material for their audiences.


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