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What's Included?

Our 17-page guide covers topics like email security, internet usage, personal device usage, password security and more. 

The handbook makes cyber security training easy during onboarding. Then the employee signature page provides a place for them to sign they understand and acknowledge their responsibilities.

How can you use the Cyber Security Handbook for Employees?

  • Print the pdf and go over it at your next staff meeting
  • Edit the Word document copy by adding your logo, brand name and any cyber security rules unique to your business.
  • Make the manual required reading during onboarding
  • Distribute email or print copies to existing staff so everyone is on the same page

Seize Control of Cyber Security

Is the Cyber Security Handbook Download Really Free?

Yes. We’ll email you a Word document copy so you can customize the cyber security handbook to fit your needs. Then, unless you sign up to receive our technology updates, you won’t hear from us again. We’re providing this free guide for two reasons:

  1. We take cyber security seriously. Education is the best way to protect systems from cyber criminals who want to cause harm. In our 20+ years of IT support, we’ve been called countless times to do cleanup. We’d rather meet you under more positive conditions.
  2. When you do need managed IT services, on-demand IT services, network setup, network security help, computer sales and service, software support or any other service we provide, we hope you’ll think of Ticer Technology Solutions. 

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