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What is Managed IT?

When the technology you need to run your business goes down, you lose money.

Managed IT services keep that from happening by providing solutions to all your business technology problems for a flat rate. 

You purchase a block of IT support time and use it however you choose.

Our East Tx managed IT services allow businesses to be proactive. Instead of waiting for things to break and having to wait on support then pay a high hourly bill, you get regular IT support that keeps business technology running smoothly.

You’ll also know when systems and servers are aging or when technology updates have the potential to derail your teams.

Why Use Managed IT?

Our East Texas Managed IT Services are good for your stress level and your bottom line. You don’t have to worry about your business technology failing when you need it most. And when problems do occur, you have an experienced IT Support professional on call.

Instead, your office PCs, field laptops, networks and servers stay up and running. Data stays secure and office email gets delivered. You avoid downtime and maximize productivity.

Top Four Technology Issues

Why does business technology break?

New technologies don’t always work well with what you’re using. Power outages and server crashes happen. Hackers are always developing new tactics and employees are often duped by phishing scams. Our East Tx Managed IT services address all types of IT problems, but these are the four we see most frequently.

Integration Issues
Insufficient or Nonexistent Backups
Security Threats
No Strategic Planning
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East Texas Managed IT provides

Proactive Solutions

Managed IT or Outsourced IT services help you avoid surprises with your business technology and your IT support bill. Stay proactive with the following:

Technology upgrades – Know ahead of time when you’re nearing time to upgrade. Managed IT services keep you posted on when old equipment might begin to hurt business growth.

Communications – Technology is constantly enhancing the way we message. Use Managed IT services to stay on the cutting edge with everything from email to video chat to employee cell phones.

Research – Choosing the right office computers, laptops, iPads, webcams and other devices takes time business owners don’t always have. Outsource the task with our East Tx Managed IT services.

Security – Implement IT best practices to protect your data and your company’s good name.

Bespoke IT Support Plans

Support Tailored to Your business Needs

Managed IT support gets you the help you need at a predictable monthly rate scaled to your business needs. 

Start with a no-obligation consultation. We’ll talk about what you need today and what you might need in the near future. Then we’ll give you a no-hassle quote. Use your monthly rate for any of our Managed IT services.

Benefits of Using Our East Tx Managed IT Services

Managed IT benefits your bottom line. Existing employees operate at peak efficiency and you allocate funds for maximum impact.

Managed IT in Jacksonville Tx

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IT Services for Mac

Apple is the preferred choice of many East Texas business professionals. Use Managed IT services for life cycle management across products and endpoints.

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Remote IT Service Desk

Stop IT problems in their tracks with access to expert tech support when you need it.

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Server and PC Management

Check maintenance tasks off your to-do list forever. Get updates, backups and computer management remotely. ​

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Strategic Planning

Our East Tx Managed IT services keep you updated on emerging technology. Strategic planning aligns current and future tech needs with your business goals.

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Unexpected IT Support Needs

We've been at this for well over two decades. There's not a technology problem your business will encounter that we can't handle.

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Emergency Onsite Response Support

Managed IT services prevent most problems, but if you need us, we're here. Our East Texas location means we're available in emergencies.

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