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What's Your Plan for Network Security?

When businesses contact us for East Texas network security services, often it’s because it’s too late. Something has happened, now their system is compromised.

It happens at the worst time, when you need your data and your software to keep business running smoothly. Our IT support services can get you up and running again, and our network security services help you develop a plan to keep from ever being in the same situation again.

East Tx Network Security Basics

Most frequent Network Security Vulnerabilities

Educate Employees

Without meaning to be, your employees are the biggest threat to data and network security. Social engineering works through mimicing trustworthy sources or creating fear. Educating employees helps mitigate the risk. Our network security services include resources for training.

Update Software Regularly

It’s easy to put it off, but when you put off recommended updates, you create risk. Your website’s content management system, your accounting software, your antivirus software and all your other programs need consistent updates. When they become outdated, replacing them is less costly than a security breach.

Secure Your Wi-Fi

We’ve been called in to rescue agencies who gave access to anyone who wanted it, then experienced security issues that completely derailed their ability to work. Our network security services can help you password protect your router, hide your network and take other steps to ensure cyber criminals can’t get in.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

This simple solution solves a multitude of security issues. We recommend two-factor authentication whenever possible, especially when accessing cloud services.

Install Firewall Software

A firewall is a security device that monitors traffic to and from your network. It blocks or allows traffic based on a pre-defined set of rules. The right firewall software will minimize threats and act as an around-the-clock line of defense for your network.

Create Backups

One of the simplest ways to protect your systems and data is to create regular, systematic backups. Then, if you experience a cyber security threat or download a virus, you just go back to the last date where your system was safe.


Cyber criminals send phishing email designed to trick your staff into revealing passwords and downloading malware. We’ll show you how to eliminate the threat.

Network Defense

Be proactive when it comes to defending against attacks with intrusion testing and prevention. Implement disaster recovery planning.  Analyze and respond to unauthorized activity before it creates a problem.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Identify trends, patterns and emerging threats to make informed decisions and protect your business technology.

Vulnerability Assessment

Learn where your systems are currently vulnerable, then get recommendations for making your business technology impenetrable. 

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At Ticer Technology Solutions, we’ve watched cyber criminals evolve over 20 years. They use more sophisticated methods, but their goal is the same as it’s always been – to create mayhem and chaos wherever possible.

Our network security services help you defend what you’ve worked so hard to create. Get in touch to schedule a consultation and find out more.

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