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You’ve been busy growing your business, you haven’t had time to become an expert in network setup basics.

We’ve been working with switches, routers and wireless access points since the Internet was in its infancy. Our network setup services give you everything you need for success.

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IT Support for Tyler and Jacksonville

Network Setup Basics

Our network setup services enable all the devices on your network to communicate with each other and with the Internet. Your computers, printers, servers and peripheral devices all work together.

We’ll set up information sharing and resource allocation to save you money and increase productivity. We’ll walk you through choosing the right router and making critical security decisions.

Jacksonville Tx and Tyler Tx Network Setup

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The heart of your business network might be a physical machine or based in the cloud. It allows you to control where you and your staff store data.

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This device joins networks, decides computer priority and sets security measures and standards. For business, they also come with a built-in firewall, anti-spam and antivirus components.

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The switch in networking connects your server, printers, workstations, laptops and other devices, allowing them to communicate within the network.

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Network Attached Storage (NAS)

This device guards against lost data. It can be set up to back up your server incrementally. If you experience catastrophic hardware failure, ransomware infection or accidental deletion, you can get your data back.

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Wireless Access Points

Today's business is wireless. With our network setup services, connect as many wireless access points as you need for adequate coverage and set up a guest WI/FI network if needed.


Our network setup enables your computers, laptops, tablets and other devices to communicate reliably and securely. We'll also provide support for the humans operating them.

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Off Site Data Storage

Don't leave anything to chance with multiple levels of data storage redundancy. Back up data off site so if disaster strikes, your data isn't a casualty.

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Wireless Networking

Do you need centralized deployment, converged deployment or cloud based deployment? Our experts can help.

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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

If your employees work on the go, they need to be mobile and your data needs to stay safe. A VPN provides a secure connection so they can access your company network without compromising security.

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Ticer Technology Solutions offers IT support and network setup in Tyler Tx, Jacksonville Tx, Bullard Tx, Whitehouse Tx and the surrounding East Texas communities.

We take cash or check. We’ll also accept PayPal and some other electronic forms of payment, but we charge a 3.5% convenience fee, since that is what we incur processing the transaction. If you’re local, we’re always happy to stop by and save you the cost of a stamp.

We offer two types of IT services. Managed IT allows businesses to purchase IT services at a monthly rate to limit regular costs.  On-Demand IT is a pay-as-you-go service. If you choose us for network setup, we can help you choose the plan that’s right for you. But we want all clients to be satisfied with our work, and we never ask them to commit to an extended time frame.

If you’ve already purchased business technology and it will integrate during network setup, we’ll use it. We never try to sell you products you don’t need, but we’ll also tell you when cutting corners might cost you more in the long run by compromising network security or employee productivity.

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Jacksonville Tx based network setup for Tyler Tx and other East Tx businesses

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