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Ticer Technology Solution’s Managed IT Services, gives you IT support for all your software and hardware needs for a flat monthly amount you can afford. With us, you get professional Tyler TX IT service better and cheaper than trying to do it all in-house. If you are growing a business in today’s market, you require the latest technology and Jacksonville TX IT support to succeed. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), discover that the ongoing cost of technology and IT services can tax their budgets. Ticer Technology Solutions offers a better IT solution.

Managed IT Support

Our Jacksonville Tx based Managed IT support and Tyler Tx IT Services put you in charge of your tech support budget. Choose the level of support you prefer and use that time to address all your business needs.

Find out how you can use Managed IT Services, what types of problems we handle and how to get next-level support (without having to hire full-time staff) and computer repair whenever you need it.

Our Managed IT Services help you keep costs down because of our efficient processes, and you receive faster support because of our expert knowledge and remote capabilities.

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On-Demand IT Support

Maybe your business doesn’t need tech support all the time. When you do, we’re here to help.

Find out how you can use on-demand IT services to address your business tech support needs and computer repair problems. We tighten security, remove viruses and malware and more. We offer on-demand IT support in Jacksonville Tx, Tyler Tx and surrounding areas.

Network Security

Your business has to stay connected to do what you do. Sometimes those connections create vulnerability.

Ticer Technology Solutions offers network security services in Jacksonville Texas, Tyler Texas and the surrounding areas.

Learn how you can use our network security services, what types of security issues we help you avoid or fix and how to get next-level network security for your business.

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Network Setup

Get expert network setup that fits your business needs both now and in the future. Hire Jacksonville Texas based IT support for your networking needs.

Computer Sales/Service

How do you know what computers, tablets, cell phones and peripheral devices are the best choice for your East Texas business? Technology is constantly changing, and wise business owners invest with an eye toward future growth.

Ticer Technology Solutions experts can help you find the best source for today’s tech needs and anticipate what you might n ed in the future.

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Software Support

The best available software only helps you grow your business when it works right. Sometimes updates wreak havoc with your equipment. Sometimes human error creates the problem.

With our Tyler Tx software support services, you can get someone on the phone who speaks Texas English and is available to help. 

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